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Robotiq Wrist Camera

Wrist Camera | Robotiq

The Wrist Camera is a Plug 'n Play adapter for Universal Robots. It enables part-detection, localisation and part teaching on UR teach pendant. It allows for color validation and is integrated on the robot's wrist.

The Robotiq Wrist Camera is made for collaborative robot applications in highly flexible industrial environments. It allows quick part teaching and design changes for a fast time to production.

Robotiq Force Sensor

FT 300 Force Torque Sensor | Robotiq

The FT 300 enables force sensitive applications with Universal Robots. Applications include machine tending,finishing, insertion, quality testing, assembly and pick & place.

The FT 300 is built for compatability with Universal Robots, it's simple to install and takes precise, repeatable and high-resolution measurements. The stiff metal compostition ensures high accuracy.

IT Robotics eyeTpick

EyeT+Pick | IT Robotics

EyeT+Pick is the outstanding 3D device for random bin picking. EyeT+Pick allows a robot manipulator to collect objects randomly arranged within a container.

IT Robotics eyeTinspect

EyeT+Inspect | IT Robotics

EyeT+Inspect is the outstanding 3D device for robotic visual inspection combining robust 3D vision to inspect product shape with fast 2D vision to inspect product surface.

EyeT+Inspect optimizes production thanks to automatic and objective removal of defective products from the production line.

MiR500 Pallet Lift

MiR500 Pallet Lift | MiR

MiR500™ Pallet Lift enables the MiR500™ to autonomously pick up and drop off pallets and ensures stable handling and transport of your pallets. It enables the MiR500™ to lift pallets autonomously from the MiR500™ Pallet Rack and lowers the pallet for stable transportation of payloads up to 500 kg.

MiR Pallet Rack

MiR500 Pallet Rack | MiR

The MiR500™ Pallet Rack is the delivery station for your EUR-pallets. The MIR500™ drives autonomously into the MiR500™ Pallet Rack and delivers or pick up pallets safely. MiR500™ Pallet Rack is the delivery station for your EUR-pallets. It enables the MiR500™ to autonomously collect and deliver pallets with the MiR500™ Pallet lift, for stable transportation of payloads up to 500 kg.

MiR Charge

MiR Charge | MiR

Fully automatic charging station keeps your mobile robots powered and on the job. MiRCharge™ is a fully automatic charging station that lets MiR robots autonomously reload their batteries as needed. This small, non-intrusive charging station uses standard power and can be easily integrated into almost any environment.

Onrobot Hex Torque Sensor

Hex 6-axis Force/Torque Sensor | OnRobot

Optoforce technology that is currently available in HEX-E/High-precision and HEX-H/Low-deformation models.

qbRobotics qbMove

qbMove | qbRobotics

The qbMove is a modular VSA (Variable Stiffness Actuator), an innovative muscle-like building block for the realization of soft robots.

The VSA technology enables to regulate the stiffness of the motor endowing robots with Natural Motion.

qbRobotics qbMove Advanced

qbMove Advanced | qbRobotics

qbActuators are based on variable stiffness actuation and present a wealth of potential uses due to their naturalness of motion, energy efficiency, speed, robustness and task adaptability. The qbMove is a single actuator, proposed in Robotic Kit comprised of multiple qbMoves and connector pieces for assembly and configuration in different robots, e.g. a snake, a hexapod, or a humanoid.

qbRobotics Flat Flange Addon

Flat Flange Addon | qbRobotics

This add on will help you to fix your qbmoves to the frame.

qbRobotics Flat Flange

Flat Flange | qbRobotics

Use this flange to connect two qbmoves or to connect you first qbmove to the frame.

qbRobotics C Flange

C Flange | qbRobotics

With this flange you can connect two qbmoves to obtain a revolute joint.

Robo-Gear Industrial Robot Cover

Industrial Robot Covers | Robo-Gear

The Roboworld line of industrial robot covers fit the biggest names in the robotics industry such as ABB, Fanuc, Kuka, Motoman, Universal Robots and others. No matter whether you’re in search of a full coverage, a sleeve or simple robot cover or jacket–we’ve got you covered. We go beyond just robot covers too–offering gripper protection, end of arm tooling covers and much more. Our products are custom matched to your application in order to meet your requirements. We work directly with the manufacturer to bring you the best coverage available.

Robo-Gear Disposable Paint Cover

Disposable/Paint Robot Covers | Robo-Gear

Robo-Gear is your BWI representative for the state of Ohio. BWI is the leader in robotic paint covers for over 30 years now. BWI paint covers fit the biggest names in the robotics industry such as ABB, Fanuc, Motoman, DURR and others. We go beyond just robot covers too—offering laundry services for both robot covers as well as PPE, multi-mask products for paint booth walls/windows/rails and clean room wear. Our products are custom matched to your application, your paint process, and your individual needs…all in order to meet your requirements.

Robo-Gear Lift Cover

Custom Cable/Conduit Covers | Robo-Gear

Robo-Gear offers a wide variety of fire-resistant aluminized cloth (preventing spark damage to cable and hoses), CAT track covers, lift table skirts and bellows custom designed to your exact specification. Insure your robot's longevity by investing in one of these premium covers.

Robo-Gear Reiku Cabling

Robot Dress-out | Robo-Gear

Robo-Gear offers the full line of Reiku Cable Management Solutions.

Robo-Gear works to offer you the best in robot dress pack options from Reiku. Conduit, clamps, trumpets, springs… all accessories needed to properly dress and protect sensitive equipment.

ER5 Mobile Cobot Platform

ER5 Mobile Cobot Platform | EasyRobotics

ER5 Mobile Cobot Platform is a compact mobile workstation for safe collaboration with robot arms.

Secure robot arms and maximal mobility is a key part of the ER5. The ER5 is equipped with integrated rolls and handholds, facilitating easier movement and deployment. It is fully automated upon delivery with trays, a robot arm and control panel.

Profeeder Light

Profeeder Light | EasyRobotics

ProFeeder Light forms part of Stage 1 automation as it increases efficiency and flexibility in production and making it possible to run a small series production unmanned. The ProFeeder Light is ideal for urgent orders or additional orders.

Easy+ Software

Profeeder | EasyRobotics

ProFeeder forms part of Stage 2 expansion. The ProFeeder enables you to increase efficiency in order to run small and medium series production in an automated two-shift operation on CNC or milling machine. This solution is mobile, compact and easy to move around between machines with a pallet CNC.

Profeeder Multi

Profeeder Multi | EasyRobotics

ProFeeder Multi forms part of Stage 3 automation. ProFeeder Multi is the stationary solution applied to fully automated 4-shift operations and in the production of a large series.

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