At Cobots we have partnered with numerous brands to provide the most innovative collaborative solutions. All collaborative robots and accessories have the ability to be implemented across all industries.

For a collaborative robot to be fully effective and effiecient, it is essential that accessories are added. This eases the integration of automation within an operation. At Cobots we offer a variety of accessories from our international partners. Adding accessories from OnRobot, Robotiq, qbRobotics and IT-Robotics will assist with motion control as well as increasing safety when placing your robot amongst human workers.

All brands at Cobots can assist with various applications that are used throughout various industries. Each collaborative robot is tailored to your company's needs whether it be automating your CNC machines or a simple repetitive task such as Pick and Place. With our expertise in collaborative robots and the automation industry, you will feel at ease that the solution provided to you will benefit your operation at the highest level.

We are reliable, experienced and are here to make your automation journey easier. Contact us today!