EasyRobotics – Easy Palletizer

Easy Palletizer is a platform designed for the purpose of making palletizing easy and mobile, for any and all packing and palletizing applications within the factory environment!

Built on the industrialized design and function in which all EasyRobotics products are recognized for, with stable and robust designs! The complete kit comprises of compartment and base for your robot controller, cables, hosts and lifting module for either SKF or pedestal orientation. With a total weight of 300kg, this robust solution will survive all the bumps and bruises of your production line!

There are several applications which make the palletizer the right choice for your application:

  • Floor level palletizing.
  • Load Transfer Stations.
  • Load/unload Transfer Systems.
  • Dual Palletizing Systems.



  • Automatic and robotic palletizers have many qualities that elevate them above manual palletizers.
  • Load stability.
  • Precision
  • Operation speed.
  • Safe movement of boxes.
  • Fewer associated worker injuries.
  • Moving packaged units much easier, safer & less labour intensive.
  • Movable palletizing cell with fast mechanical setup with a pallet jack.
  • Flexibility for manufacturing.
  • Capex optimized.
easyrobotics easypalletizer featured image
easyrobotics easypalletizer featured image