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Benefits of Collaborative Robots

The Benefits of Collaborative Robots

01 February 2019

Collaborative robots are designed to carry out tedious and repetitive tasks. In the following article we outline how these "cobots" are beneficial when integrated alongside your current work force.

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5 Myths About Collaborative Robots

5 Myths About Collaborative Robots

13 February 2019

With the advent of cobots there are bound to be a series of myths associated with them. In this article we debunk some of the greatest myths that people believe about collaborative robots.

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Collaborative Vs. Traditional Robots

Collaborative Robots Vs. Traditional Industrial Robots

28 February 2019

Universal Robots is a leading pioneer in the field of collaborative industrial robots called Cobots.

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Loreal uses collaborative robots for the packaging and palletising of their products

Save the packaging for collaborative robots

25 March 2019

Nobody enjoys doing the same repetitive job day in and day out. Automate your packaging processes with the use of collaborative robots!

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Cobots are making the world rethink automation

Manufacturing world re-thinking automation?

24 April 2019

As robotics evolve to include robots designed to collaborate with humans rather than replacing them, so does the business rationale for automating production.

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Cobots increase CNC productivity and quality

Cobots increase CNC productivity

12 June 2019

CNC manufacturing setups are some of the most widely automated industrial processes. They often involve exactly the kinds of repetitive tasks that are ideal for robots.

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