MiR 250: What makes this Automated Mobile Robot so different?

Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) recently introduced their latest Automated Mobile Robot, the MiR 250. The MiR250 incorporates all of the features of the MiR200, with some additional features. These include:

mir featured image
mir featured image

Smaller footprint

Robot height is just 300mm. This enables the AMR to be utilized in ‘sub-marine’ type applications, allowing the AMR to automatically hook trolleys by driving underneath the trolleys and activating the hooking pins. In addition to the reduced height of the AMR, the width has also been reduced, enabling the robot to pass through narrow doorways and passages (<800mm).


Increased payload

Payloads increased up to 250Kgs. This is a 25% increase over the current MiR200.


Ease of access

The MiR250 is constructed to allow ease of access and maintenance with detachable access panels. This


Quick swop battery

The battery can easily be removed and swopped via quick-access door so your AMR never has to stop to be recharged


Fast charging battery

The MiR250 charging time (10% to 90%) has been reduced to 1 hour.


Enhanced components

The MiR 250 utilises the latest time-of-flight sensors giving the robot accuracy of < 10mm.



Increased top speed to 2 m/s.



The MiR250 is the safest robot of its kind on the market, with artificial intelligence (AI) and other safety features built-in. It also complies with all applicable safety standards such as the EN 1525:1997, the B56.5-2012 and the ISO/FDIS 3691-4.