OnRobot – Dual Quick Change

OnRobot have created a wide array of grippers, end effectors and accessories for the robotic industry. One of their latest additions to their ever-expanding catalogue is the ‘Dual Quick Change’ tool, which allows you to use multiple end-of-arm tools simultaneously, thus allowing you to maximise the use of your tools or potentially avoid timely tool changes.

Using your end effectors in this manner can effectively improve productivity by more than 50%, thus allowing you a faster return on investment and increased up-time on your machine or work cell that your robot is tending to.

Quick Stats:

  • Faster cycle time with dual gripping.
  • Quick re-deployment. (Tool change in 5 seconds!)
  • Out of hours running, giving you increased productivity.
  • Safe and secure locking mechanism.
  • 20kg payload.


Ideal for the following areas on your shop-floor:

  • Surface finishing.
  • Quality testing and inspection.
  • Packaging and palletizing.
  • Machine tending.
  • Assembly.
  • Pick and place applications.
dual quick changer featrued image
dual quick changer featrued image