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2.D Vision System


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The OnRobot Eyes makes it easy and affordable to add vision to almost any collaborative application. It can effortlessly sort, pick and place shapeless applications with high reliability using any arm robot.


Material Handling

  • Suitable for sorting, pick-and-place and machine tending applications.


  • Inspect items using colour and outline recognition – with or without a robot, and guarantees reliable quality.


Features / Advantages

In-built programming

  • One system setup for any leading robot brand with software that is easy to install and program, so even staff with no technical background will be able to do it.

One-Picture calibration and part recognition

  • Purely take an image of the work surface to calibrate camera view, and an image for each workpiece the system should identify.

Adjustable wrist or external mount

  • The onRobot Eyes can be mounted on the robot arm or externally.

 2.5D Vision featuring depth perception

  • Depth perception used for application such as stacking or handling items of numerous heights.