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Adaptive Gripper


The Dahl adaptive gripper offering is easy to install and flexible end-effector that integrates flawlessly into your automation system. Typical applications for the Dahl adaptive gripper are assembly, pick and place, packaging and palletising and machine tending/loading.

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​The Dahl Adaptive Gripper DAG-M is the compact, customisable gripper for the automation of manual workplaces for accurate and especially sensitive jobs. Designed and certified for simple use with all types of Universal Robots the DAG-M will perfectly perform doing your precision work, e. g. in metal processing or electrical industry.

Its benefits are based upon the variable adjustment of several parameters such as power, stroke, speed and position. Thus the DAG-M will fit perfectly for your task. Apart from the standard fingers, which are flexibly replaceable, customised gripper fingers for exact external or internal gripping (even positive gripping) can be installed.

Besides its exact adaptability for the assignments, the DAG-M satisfies the user by its simple plug & play installation and operation. Designed as a UR+ product, the DAG-M is controlled directly on the Universal Robots user interface. Both gripper and robot control are stored in the same program. Two additional push buttons on the gripper enable manual access to the basic features Freedrive as well as Open/Close. A 360° colour luminous ring for visual status signals provides you with an accurate overview.

It offers a BUS interface, 360° colour luminous ring for status display as well as 2 push buttons for manual access to the basic features (Freedrive & Open/Close)


  • Collaborative Design
  • Easy Plug & Play Installation
  • Simple programming & quick commissioning
  • User-friendly, intuitive operation
  • Customized adjustability of parameters
  • Reliable performance
  • Compatible with all UR models of e-series and CB3 series from vers. 3.5.x / CB 3.1


Dimensions (HxWxD): 122 x 98 x 65 mm
Weight 800 g
Operating Temperature 10 – 45 °C
Gripper stroke Variable, max. 30 mm/side
Closing force Variable, max. 120 N
Closing speed Variable, up to 65 mm/s
Supply voltage 24V
Peak current 0,6A
Communications RS 485
Parameter setting Speed, stroke, power
Response Position, power (motor current)
Equipment Pushbuttons for basic features optical signalling of status