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Machine Tending Solution

Today’s manufacturers want to automate manual tasks with robots, but getting robots up and running is complex, expensive, and can leave you feeling overwhelmed. At Robotiq, we believe robots should simplify your life, not make it more complicated. Working with manufacturers globally (and being one ourselves!), we understand the challenges of maintaining quality, delivering on time, and keeping costs down amidst the labor shortage. Since 2008, Robotiq has pursued its mission of freeing human hands from repetitive tasks by enabling more than 13,000 collaborative robots, or “cobots,” worldwide. From SMEs to multinational companies, we’re helping manufacturers simplify their processes with easy-to-use automation solutions.

Manufacturers want their operations to run smoothly with as little downtime as possible. Automation is often considered, but quickly dropped because of the perception that it is complex and expensive. At Robotiq, we tackle this challenge by making solutions that are actually easy to use. The Machine Tending Solution is the only solution you need to automate your CNC machines. Combined with our worldwide distribution network, you can automate a CNC machine in hours instead of weeks.

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  • Create programs 75% faster than with traditional programming
  • Remove complexity with Machine Tending Copilot
  • Deploy in hours on ANY CNC
  • Earn a quick ROI
  • Ensure constant production

Manufacturers want to automate manual tasks with robots, but getting robots up and running can be overwhelming. Robots should simplify your life, not make it more complicated.

With the Machine Tending Solution, we deliver peace of mind that your machines will always be running through accessible automation. Increase your machine’s capacity and reduce downtime with a Copilot that does the hard work for you. Machine Tending Copilot is powerful software used directly on the UR teach pendant. It guides the user through programming from start to finish with its points of interest and its action menus. During production, Copilot monitors the machine status with non-invasive components, just as an operator would.

Get a quick ROI—even in high-mix low-volume automation—with accelerated program creation. Elevate your workforce with easy-to-use robot solutions that do the work for you.

Technical Details


ISO 12100:2010 – Safety of machinery – General principles for design – Risk assessment and risk reduction
ISO 4414:2010 – Pneumatic fluid power – General rules and safety requirements for systems and their components
ISO 9409-1:2004 – Manipulating industrial robots – Mechanical interfaces – Part 1: Plates
EN 61000-6-2:2016 – Generic Standards – Immunity for industrial environments
EN 61000-6-4: 2017 + A1: 2011 – Generic Standards – Emission for industrial environments


Since the Machine Tending Solution is modular, the box dimension depends on the components selection.


  • Machine Tending Copilot, Robotiq MT controller, Pneumatic panel, Button activator, Air nozzle kit
  • 2x Hand-E adaptive grippers, 2x MT fingertips starting kit, Dual bracket + New compact dual Hand-E bracket
  • Stack light detector, Footswitch activator (if lathe)
  • Add-ons: Robotiq Wrist Camera, Robotiq adjustable pedestal


– 3 sensors for Stacklight Monitoring Sensors (reading the machine stacklight statuses)
– Compressed air for a few components (Button Activator, Air Nozzle, Foot Switch Activator)
– Electricity for Stacklight Monitoring Sensors and Robotiq Controller
– URCaps and Copilot


One-time purchase