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Increase the efficiency of internal transportation tasks with an extended-payload MiRHook100 mobile robot. MiRHook100 is a user-friendly and efficient mobile robot for fully automated pick-up and towing of carts in production, logistics and healthcare environments.

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Ideal for a wide range of towing jobs
MiRHook100 is ideal for a wide range of towing jobs, such as efficiently moving heavy products between locations in a manufacturing facility or warehouse, or moving linen and food carts in hospitals. The MiRHook100 supports the transport of loads up to 300 kg (661 lbs), providing exciting new internal logistics options for weighty or unwieldy cargos.

Autonomously picks up and unloads carts
The MiRHook100 robot identifies carts by QR markers and autonomously transports them as you define. MiRHook100 can be incorporated into a fleet of MiR robots and can be easily redeployed to meet changing requirements. Updating the robot’s mission at any time is simple, using a smartphone, tablet or computer and standard Wi-Fi or Bluetooth communications to access the robot’s intuitive controls.

Safely manoeuvre among people
With the MiRHook100, you simply measure your cart and feed the data into the software. Built-in sensors, cameras and sophisticated software mean the robot with the MiRHook100 and a cart can safely manoeuvre around people and obstacles, and can even drive up ramps.


  • Collects and delivers unlimited number of carts
  • Enhances production flow to increase productivity
  • Redeploys staff from pushing carts to higher-value activities
  • Safely and efficiently maneuvers around people and obstacles
  • Requires no changes to existing facility
  • Provided with changeable hook gripper
  • Needs no prior programming experience


Designated use

Collaborative mobile robot with hook For fully-automated pick-up and delivery of carts


Length 1180 to 1275 mm/46.5 to 50.2 in (highest to lowest positions of hook arm)
Width 580 mm/22.8 in
Height 550 to 900 mm/21.7 to 35.4 in (lowest to highest positions of hook arm)
Height above floor Robot: 50 mm/2 in; Gripping height: 80-350 mm/2-13.4 in
Weight (without load) 98 kg/216 lbs
Length (Gripper bar) Minimum 300 mm/11.8 in
Thickness (Gripper bar) 15 to 25 mm/0.59 to 0.98 in


RAL 9010 Pure White

Towing capacity

Load on cart Up to 300 kg/661 lbs at <1 % incline – 200 kg/441 lbs at 5% incline

Speed and performance

Running time 8-10 hours or 15-20 km/9.3-12.4 mi (depending on load)
Maximum speed 1.5 m/s (5.4 km/h)/4.9 ft/s (3.6 mph)
Turning radius (without cart) 520 mm/20.5 in (around center of robot)
Swinging radius (with cart) Total length of robot and cart plus 550 mm/21.7 in
Positioning accuracy (placing cart) +/- 200 mm/7.9 in from center of position, 10° accuracy


Battery Li-NMC, 24 V, 40 Ah
External charger Input: 100-230 V ac, 50-60 Hz/Output: 24 V, max 15 A
Charging time With cable: up to 4.5 hours (0-80%: 3 hours)/With charging station: up to 3 hours (0-80%: 2 hours)


Ambient temperature range +5°C to 40°C (humidity 10-95% non-condensing)
IP class IP 20


WiFi Dual-band wireless AC/G/N/B
Bluetooth 4.0 LE, range: 10-20 m/32.8-65.6 ft
I/Os USB and Ethernet


SICK safety laser scanners S300 (front and back) 360° visual protection around robot
3D camera Intel RealSense™ on robot Detection of objects ahead 50-500 mm/2-20 in above floor
3D camera Intel RealSense™ on front of hook Detection of objects ahead up to 2000 mm/78.7 in above floor


Length 500 to 2400 mm/20 to 94.5 in
Width 400 to 1500 mm/15.7 to 59 in
Height 200 to 2000 mm/7.9 to 78.7 in