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qbMove Advanced Kit Base


The qbmove Advanced Kit is composed by four modular actuators VSA (Variable Stiffness Actuators), connection flanges and cables allowing to realize a 4DOFs robot arm.

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Designed to be controlled like conventional servomotors, the qbmove can be changed in position and stiffness and so it can substitute small conventional servomotors used for constructing any mechanism or robotic system.
The qbmove advanced is the first affordable, muscle-like building block for constructing soft robots. An actuator that is small and lightweight, the qbmove is unique in its ability to endow robots with natural motion, i.e. that resembles the elegance and deftness of human motion, a radical contrast to the traditional rigid and mechanical motion of robots built with common servo-mechanisms.
The qbmove can tuned to be soft or rigid, depending on the task at hand. If the robot needs to guarantee safety during impact, the actuator can be set to be soft. While if precision is the greater need, the actuator can be set to be more rigid. Optimizing energy or speed performance can be achieved by alternating between soft and rigid settings. These combinations can be applied to tasks that are very complex, e.g. grasping or throwing objects, hammering, drawing, and so on.


  • qbmove Advanced (x4)
  • Flat Flange (x2)
  • Flat Flange add-on (x4)
  • C Flange (x4)
  • Gripper 2 fingers (x2)
  • Handle (x1)
  • qb ally (x1)
  • ERNI cable 200mm (x5)
  • ERNI cable 300mm (x2)
  • ERNI cable 1500mm (x1)
  • User Manual (x-1)