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Robotiq Palletizing Solution – AX Series

Ease-of-use is redefined with the Robotiq Palletizing Solution. Open the box, and the hardware and software is already connected and ready to install in a few hours.

Plan your program in just three steps, directly on the robot control device, with the Robotiq software suite’s Material Handling Copilot. Copilot does the hard work for you: it automatically generates and optimizes all trajectories and robot movements, without needing any information beyond what you have already.

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Tags: , , , Product ID: 22175



Do you need flexibility on your manufacturing lines? Our solution makes it easy to adapt to your needs. Whether being special product runs or high runners, our Copilot suite makes it easy and in a matter of minutes.

  • High throughput up to 13 picks per minute.
  • No need to design or program the connection between the robot controller and 7th axis or box sensor; we’ve done it. All the elements included in the box are connected, so you don’t have to spend any time on this.
  • Program directly on the robot control device in 3 easy steps. No need for an external PC.
  • Cover various pallet dimensions and extensive height up to 2.75 meters (108 inches).
  • Pick a wide range of boxes, as small as 50 x 50 x 50 mm (2 x 2 x 2 inches).

The Robotiq Palletizing Solution fits easily within your existing floor plan, with the smallest footprint on the market for a cobot palletizing solution. No need to reorganize your floor layout around a central robot.

Because safety is crucial, we have built an environment for safe integration. We also support third-party safeguard devices.


Get all the components you need to start palletizing with only one SKU. Once the base is installed set-up your palletizing application in 3 easy steps through our user-friendly Material Handling Copilot:

  • Enter your box’s dimensions and position
  • Enter your pallet’s dimensions
  • Build your pallet’s pattern and there you go! It’s that simple.

Try the Online Configurator tool to validate your specific configuration and your expected process time.




Technical Details



For e-Series: Polyscope 5.9 or later
For CB-Series: Polyscope 3.14 or later


Some specifications of the Palletizing solution:

  • Max Box throughput: up to 13 boxes/min (depends on box weight, dimensions, surface, pallet dimensions and layouts)
  • Min Box dimensions: 50mm x 50mm x 50mm
  • Pallet width: from 300mm to 1219 mm
  • Pallet depth: from 300mm to 1219 mm
  • Pallet height (empty): min 50 mm
  • Pallet height (filled): max 2750 mm
  • Max number of box patterns : 2


The Palletizing solution: the product is considered as partly completed machinery and has been evaluated in accordance with the following harmonized standards:

  • EN ISO 12100:2010
  • 2011/65/EU + 2015/863 (RoHS Directive)
  • 2012/19/EU (WEEE Directive)
  • ISO 9409-1:2004.

The control cabinet is conform to: cUL, UL, CE


  • Palletizing Hardware
  • Palletizing Vacuum Gripper
  • Material Handling Copilot for Palletizing on UR
  • USB Key 16 G
  • Crate for Palletizing
  • Quick start guide Robotiq Palletizing Solution


One-time purchase