Robotiq – External Finishing Kit

Thanks to Robotiq, the traditionally labour intensive finishing processes in your production environment can now be automated!

Combine the Robotiq the Robotiq Hand-E’s strong grip with an excellent IP67 rating along with the Finishing Copilot’s powerful software tools, to create the ability to automate your finishing process in a flawless manner!

With ability to finish surfaces by operating with a constant speed and force, you’ll be able to achieve the best possible results over and over again, without even laying a hand on it!

Kit Includes:

  • Hand-E Gripper
    • IP67 Rated, Plug and Play, Easy Programming.
  • Finishing Co-Pilot
    • 2mm precision, easy setting of tool extensions, easy compensation for tool wear and finishing trajectories.
external tool finishing kit featured image
external tool finishing kit featured image