Save the packaging for collaborative robots

Nobody enjoys doing the same repetitive job day in and day out. And let’s be honest: Packaging is about as dull as repetitive work gets. That said, companies still need to package their products, even if it’s tedious or even strenuous for employees. That’s where automation comes in, enabling companies to put their employees on more interesting, creative tasks, while saving time and money on repetitive work.

A few years back, automation meant spending a fortune on heavy industrial robots that had to be kept in cages to prevent injuries to human workers. Today, small, flexible and lightweight robots – sometimes called “collaborative robots” – are being deployed to automate repetitive tasks far more affordably.

cobots universal robots feature facing upwards
cobots universal robots feature facing upwards

Many of these small robots are used to package products at companies of all sizes. Customers who have handed over their packaging work to collaborative robots are saving hundreds of man hours per year on repetitive tasks, reducing their reliance on temporary labor, saving space, and even reducing work-related illness and improving overall productivity.

And speaking of “companies of all sizes,” a huge advantage with collaborative robots – whether used in packaging or in any other application – is that not just industry giants, but small and medium-sized enterprises can afford to take advantage of the benefits they provide.