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The Cobots team offers a variety of services to ensure that you get the best use from your new collaborative robot. We are on hand to assist you with selecting the most suitable collaborative robot for your setup, integrating your cobot through one of our various national partners, as well as training you in the use of your new cobot.

Universal Robots Academy

Universal Robots Academy

Here is your chance to master robots from Universal Robots.
Browse the Universal Robot training catalogue to find a training course that suits your needs. From easy and intuitive free e-Learning courses to engaging training courses offered both in-class and virtually by Certified Trainers all over the world.

MiR Academy

Mobile Industrial Robots

Free online training on MiR robots

Learn more about MiR products and how they work through their immersive online courses. MiR is committed to making comprehensive and approachable training to give everyone insight into their Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). Leveraging multiple digital media including video, animation, and interactive simulation, MiR Academy has learning programs for all levels, so their training meets you where you are, and not the other way around.

OnRobot Learn


Manuel Programming
Learn the principles in how to create different applications, how to install, operate and optimize OnRobot hard- and software, how to setup different robots to operate with OnRobot tools.

D:PLOY allows you to build complete applications directly on the manufacturing floor in a few simple steps, with zero programming – all within a few hours. D:PLOY automates many of the manual steps necessary today for building and running an application.

Robotiq eLearning

Robotiq eLearning

Robotiq eLearning is the only online platform on collaborative robots that integrates Lean Robotics concepts and real application content. With this free learning tool, we wish to help our customers along the Lean Robotics phases.