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Robotiq Screwdriving Solution

Deploy and master your robotic screwdriving application by adding Robotiq Screwdriving Solution to a cobot. So intuitive, no robotics experience is required. Get a simple, cost-effective automation solution, and say hello to consistent screwdriving around the clock.

Robotiq’s flexible solution includes a compact screwdriver, an adaptable screw feeder, and an easy-to-program URCap with force-sensing capabilities that supports your daily production changeovers. But that’s not all. When buying from Robotiq, you get access to tools, services, and know-how to help you deploy faster and take control of your automation project.

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Compact and lightweight: Designed to reach tight spaces and chamber holes.

Adaptable screw feeder: Intuitive adjustment in four quick steps, to fit M2.5 to M5 screws with no need to buy extra parts.

5-min production changeovers: Designed to enable daily production changes on your assembly line.

Vacuum transportation system: Integrated vacuum system for reliable screw transport with maximal slender reach.

Error-proofing features: Prevent fastening failure and ensure the correct torque is applied.

Automated communication between all components: Seamless integration of the screwdriver, screw feeder, robot, and force-sensing technology via one easy-to-program interface (URCap).


The Robotiq Screwdriving Solution, composed of the Robotiq Screwdriver and Robotiq Screw Feeder, is a robotic peripheral designed for industrial applications. Its design makes it a unique tool for fastening components together autonomously. The Screw Feeder delivers screws individually at a picking area. The Screwdriver then collects them using vacuum technology and proceeds to the actual screwdriving task.

Torque: 0.5 to 4 Nm

Supported screws
M2.5 to M5
4 mm to 25 mm
Any material (stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum, brass, plastic, etc.)

Air pressure for vacuum: 100 psi
Bit length to use the vacuum: 3.5 inches

Technical Details

Yes, Robotiq_Screwdriving

SOFTWARE VERSION REQUIREDFor e-Series: Polyscope 5.9.4 or later
For CB-Series: Polyscope 3.14.3 or later

DIMENSIONSSome specifications of the Screwdriving solution:

Screwdriver SD-100
– Width: 152 mm
– Depth: 57 mm
– Height: 280 mm
Screw Feeder SF-300
– Width: 157 mm
– Depth: 286 mm
– Height: 171 mm

CERTIFICATIONS AND STANDARDSThe Screwdriving solution: the product is considered as partly completed machinery and has been evaluated in accordance with the following harmonized standards:

  • CE-certified
  • ESD-safe


  • Robotiq Screwdriver
  • Robotiq Screw Feeder, power supply, and international adaptor
  • Robotiq FT 300-S (if UR CB-Series)
  • Screw Feeder mounting brackets
  • Screwdriving bits
  • Vacuum sleeves
  • 10-meter pneumatic hose
  • Coupling for connection to robot controller
  • RS-485 to USB signal converter
  • 10-meter high-flex device cable
  • Hardware and tools
  • Robotiq Force Copilot license dongle

LICENSE TYPEOne-time purchase.
Free URCap software.
Free Copilot software.
Free URCap updates.